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5.12.2008 - Following months of political negotiations, the Parliamentary Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI) today voted on proposals for a Regulation and Framework Directive on the use and authorisation of pesticides. The Committee backed away from previous commitments to eliminate hazardous pesticides from use in food produce, instead agreeing a substantially diluted set of proposals.

The compromise position adopted by the Committee could among other things see some of the most hazardous pesticides withdrawn from use in food production. However, a complex set of loopholes and derogations now added to the text could bring substantial delays in replacing the worst pesticides.

‘Leading environmental health experts agree that Europe needs better legislation to protect public health from exposure to hazardous pesticides – especially neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors,’ said Monica Guarinoni, Deputy Director of Health and Environment Alliance. ‘Parliament should have maintained the same level of commitment on protecting health as was agreed 12 months ago, especially in light of the Parliament’s own study which highlights the health benefits of elimination of the most hazardous pesticides.’

Prior to the vote, politicians complained about misinformation from the pesticides industry. ‘The pesticides industry has played a major role in scaring people away from better protection for public health and the environment’, said Elliott Cannell, Coordinator of PAN Europe. ‘As a direct consequence many politicians are now voting for weaker legislation. We must fight to make sure everyone has the correct information regarding these proposals.’

Elliott Cannell, Coordinator, PAN Europe
Monica Guarinoni, Deputy Director, HEAL

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Společnost pro trvale udržitelný život
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